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Worm Problem Solution

Nov 16, 2016

1. Ensure the quality of Assembly. Can purchase or homemade some dedicated tool, demolition and installation deceleration machine parts Shi, as avoid with hammer, other tool percussion; replaced gear, and Worm worm Shi, as selection original accessories and into on replaced; Assembly output axis Shi, to note tolerance tie; to using anti-stick agent or red Dan oil protection hollow axis, prevent wear rust or tie area scale, maintenance Shi difficult demolition.

2. Selection of lubricating oils and additives. Worm gear reducers General selection of 220# gear oil, heavy duty, frequent starting, use less gear would use some lubricant additives, reducer stop gear oil is still attached to the gear surface, form a protective film, preventing heavy duty, low speed, high torque and starting the direct contact between metals. Additives containing ring modulators and leakage resistance agent, the seals remain supple and flexible, effective reduction of lubricant leaks.

3. Reducer mounting position choice. Availability of location, try not to vertical installation. Vertical installation, the amount of lubricant to many more than the horizontal installation, cause fever reducer and oil spills.

4. Establishment of system of lubrication maintenance. Can according to lubrication work "five set" principles on deceleration machine for maintenance, do each Taiwan deceleration machine are has responsibility people regularly check, found temperature rose obviously, over 40 ℃ or oil temperature over 80 ℃, oil of quality declined or oil in the found more of copper powder and produced not normal of noise, phenomenon Shi, to immediately stop using, timely maintenance, excluded fault, replaced lubricants. When refueling, pay attention to oil, ensure the correct lubrication of gear.