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Worm Gear Reducer Actual Use And Operating Conditions

Jun 23, 2017

Worm gear reducer is a compact, transmission ratio, and under certain conditions with self-locking function of the transmission machinery, is one of the most commonly used reducer, which, hollow shaft Worm Gear not only with the above Characteristics, and easy installation, reasonable structure, more and more widely used. Hollow shaft Worm Gear in the worm gear reducer input side of the installation of a helical gear reducer, composed of multi-stage reducer can be very low output speed, is the helical gear and the combination of worm gear, Class worm gear reducer with higher efficiency. And vibration is small, low noise, low energy consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Causes. 1, reducer heat and oil spills, 2, worm gear wear, 3, transmission small helical gear wear, 4, bearing (worm) damage.

1, reducer heat and oil spill:

Worm gear reducer in order to improve efficiency, generally use non-ferrous metal to do the worm, the worm is the use of hard steel, because it is sliding friction transmission, in the course of operation, it will produce high heat, so that the parts and seals There is a difference between the thermal expansion, resulting in gaps in the mating surfaces, and the oil becomes thinner due to the increase in temperature, which is liable to cause leakage. There are four main reasons, one is the material with a reasonable, the second is to engage the friction surface quality, the third is the choice of lubricants, add the amount is correct, the fourth is the assembly quality and use of the environment.

2, worm wear:

Worm gear generally used tin bronze, matching the worm material generally 45 steel hardened to HRC45 a 55, also commonly used 40C: hardened HRC50 a 55, the grinding wheel grinding to roughness RaO.8fcm, reducer normal operation, the worm Like a hardened "rasp", kept cutting the worm gear, so that the worm wheel wear. In general, this wear is very slow, like a factory some reducer can use more than 10 years. If the wear speed is faster, it is necessary to consider whether the reducer selection is correct, whether there is overload operation, worm gear material, assembly quality or use of the environment and other reasons.

3, transmission small helical gear wear:

Generally occurs in the vertical installation of the reducer, mainly with the addition of lubricating oil and the choice of lubricants. Vertical installation, it is easy to cause the lack of lubricating oil, when the reducer to stop running, the motor and reducer transmission gear oil loss, the gear can not be due to lubrication protection, start or operation process is not effective The lubrication causes mechanical wear or even damage.

4, the worm bearing damage:

When the gearbox fails, even if the gear box seal is good, the plant is often found in the reducer gear oil has been emulsified, the bearing has rust, corrosion, damage, this is because the reducer in the process of transport, gear oil by Heat condensation caused by condensation caused by water; of course, and bearing quality, assembly process is closely related.

Worm gear reducer solution:

(1) to ensure the quality of assembly. In order to ensure the quality of the assembly, the factory to buy and make some special tools, demolition and installation of reducer worm, worm, bearings, gears and other components, try to avoid hammer and other tools directly hit; replacement gear, worm Use the original parts and pairs of replacement; assembly output shaft, pay attention to tolerance with, D ≤ 50mm, using H7 / k6, D> 50mm, using H7 / m6, while the use of anti-sticking agent or red oil, Shaft, to prevent wear and tear rust, to prevent the area with the scale of dirt, repair difficult to disassemble.

(2) the choice of lubricants and additives. Worm gear reducer generally use 220 # gear oil, for some heavy load, start frequently, the use of poor environment reducer, the plant also selected a number of lubricants additives (such as the chemical company can be good), reducer When the operation is stopped, the gear oil is attached to the surface of the gear to form a protective film to prevent heavy loads, low speed, high torque and contact between metal and metal at start-up. Additives also contain sealing agent and anti-leakage agent, so that the ring to maintain a soft and flexible, effectively reduce the oil leakage phenomenon.

(3) the choice of reducer installation location. Position permissible, try not to use vertical installation. Vertical installation, the amount of lubricating oil to install more than the level of much more, likely to cause reducer fever and oil spills. The plant introduced 40000 bottles / 'pure draft beer production line, some are using vertical installation, after a period of operation, the transmission pinion has a greater wear and even damage, after adjustment, the situation has been greatly improved The

(4) the establishment of the corresponding lubrication maintenance system. The factory according to the lubrication work "five" principle, the reducer to maintain, so that each reducer have your regular inspection, when the work found that the oil temperature increased significantly, the temperature rose more than 40 ℃ or oil temperature More than 80 ℃, the quality of oil decreased or found in the oil more copper powder and produce abnormal noise and other phenomena, to immediately stop using the timely maintenance, troubleshooting, replacement of lubricants and then use. When refueling, pay attention to the amount of oil and installation to be consistent, to ensure correct lubrication of the reducer.

In short, hollow shaft Worm Gear easy to install, reasonable structure, reliable and durable. Of course, we should also pay attention to choose the reducer brand, the strength of the company will be based on the reducer's shape, the layout of the heat dissipation, heat balance calculation, oil design and other design points, combined with the actual use and operating conditions, Of the manufacturing process, to produce high quality, reliable and durable reducer. Users as long as the correct use of maintenance, you can get satisfactory results.