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Worm Gear Has A High Efficiency And Advantages Of Use

Oct 11, 2017

Worm Gear is a power transmission mechanism, the use of gear speed converter, the motor (motor) the number of revolutions to the desired number of revolutions, and get a larger torque of the body. In the current mechanism for the transmission of power and movement, the application of a wide range of reducer.

Worm Gear basic structure mainly by the transmission parts of the worm, shaft, bearing, box and its annex. The main role of the worm gear is to convey the movement and power between the two staggered axes. The main role of the bearing and shaft is the power transmission, operation and efficiency. Can be divided into three basic structure: box, worm, bearing and shaft combination. The cabinet is the base of all the accessories in the Worm Gear, which is the important part that supports the fixed shaft part, guarantee the correct relative position of the transmission part and support the load on the reducer.

In the transmission mode of the Worm Gear, the worm gear has no other gear transmission characteristics, that is, the worm can easily rotate the worm wheel, but the worm can not turn the worm, this is because the structure and transmission of the worm is caused by friction. Worm Gear worm gear transmission mode with self-locking function in the mechanical application is very useful, such as hoist, conveyor equipment and so on. Worm Gear transmission mode belongs to the worm drive, worm drive is equivalent to the screw drive, it is because of this transmission, when the Worm Gear reached a certain speed ratio, when the worm lead angle is less than the gear between the teeth Equivalent friction angle, the mechanism has a self-locking, can achieve reverse self-locking, that is, only by the worm to drive the worm, and can not be driven by the worm gear.

Worm gear are common in many industrial equipment, such as the main parts of our worm gear lift, what is the characteristic of it on it? Please see below:

1, when the pressure load decreases, the lifting height can be increased;

2, in the promotion of different load, the allowable torque, power, speed is also different, and the different working continuity of the maximum power is also different;

3, the working environment of the worm temperature: -20 ℃ - +80 ℃.

Worm gear can be used alone or in combination, according to a certain program to accurately control the height of the adjustment or promotion, you can use the motor or other power directly driven, you can also manually.

The reason why so many consumers choose to use worm reducer, because our worm has a high efficiency and advantages, are:

1, the structure is simple, small size, parts less, after mass production costs must be lower than the current cost of ordinary automatic transmission;

2, its work speed range is wide, easy to form an ideal match with the engine, thereby improving the combustion process, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions;

3, with a high transmission efficiency, power loss, high economy.

So the worm gear technology has developed very quickly, the major manufacturers are strengthening the research and development in this area, therefore, we believe that its development potential will be greater.