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Worm-common Problems And Their Causes

Nov 16, 2016

1. Fever reducer and oil spills. In order to improve efficiency, worm gear speed reducers are made of non-ferrous metals in general do worm, the worm uses a hardened steel. Because it is a friction drive, run will produce more heat, slow thermal expansion difference between machine parts and seals, resulting in the mating surfaces form a gap, lubricating oil due to rising temperature thinning, could easily lead to leaks. There are four main reasons for this point is material is not unreasonable; second, poor quality surfaces of meshed surfaces; the third is the incorrect choice of lubricant content; four were poor Assembly quality and use of the environment.

2. Worm gear wear. Worm generally uses bronze, between pairs of worm material steel 45 quenched HRC45~55, hardened or 40Cr HRC50~55 worm grinder after grinding to roughness Ra0.8 μ m. Gear wear during normal operation is slow, some gear you can use for more than 10 years. If you wear more quickly, it is necessary to consider whether the selection of the correct, overload, as well as the quality of materials, Assembly or use of the worm causes such as the environment.

3. Driving small bevel gear wear. Generally occurs on the reducer for vertical installation, mainly related to the amount of oil and oil-related. Vertical installation, is likely to result in lubricant volume, the reducer stop operation, loss of motor and speed reducer gear oil, lubrication of the gears are not properly protected. Reducer starts, owing to efficient lubrication of gears the machine wear or damage.

4. Worm bearing damage. When a fault occurs, even if the gear box seal well, and is often found inside the gearbox gear oil is emulsified, bearing rust, corrosion and damage. This is because the reducer after running for some time, gear oil temperature of cooled and condense water mixed with oil. Of course, it is closely linked to quality and Assembly process.