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Why There Is Error In Rack Production

Mar 31, 2020

A rack is a special gear with teeth distributed on a strip.The rack is also divided into straight rack and helical rack, which are used in pairs with straight gear and helical gear respectively.The tooth profile of the rack is a straight line instead of an involute (which is a plane for the tooth surface), which is equivalent to a cylindrical gear with an infinite dividing circle radius. What are the possible reasons for the appearance of the rack in production?

1, the precision of the machine tool drive chain is not high, the machine tool operation process, there are many times of vibration or impact, affecting the stability of the machine tool drive.

2. Poor grinding quality of gear shaper blade.

3, the feed is too large, resulting in the tooth cutter on the rack cutting is not timely, resulting in the rack surface rough.

4, the work table spindle in the work table shell cone guide surface contact is not required, the cone guide surface contact is too hard, the work table rotation heavy.Vibration occurs during operation.Resulting in machining errors.

5, let the knife mechanism work abnormal, back knife scraping on the surface of the workpiece.