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Why Do Spiral Bevel Gears Chamfer

Mar 25, 2020

1, prevent bump, not chamfer edge once by collision will "swollen", don't look down upon a "swollen", if it is a flat, a little bump will be put out of components, the installation does not reach the designated position, we know that many of the dimensional tolerance of mechanical parts is a few percent millimeters, a little bulge makes the workpiece size tolerance, form tolerance error caused by defective goods, serious mechanical failure or accident of life. 

2, to prevent the front edge injury, not over the edge of the Angle is very sharp, workers in moving parts will inevitably encounter, accidentally will hurt people, this is very dangerous.So in addition to the tool and mold, spiral bevel gear are chamfered. 

3, in order to smooth connection, spiral bevel gear of the commonness of mechanical parts, at the same time it has its characteristics of spiral bevel gear is need to change the connection in many times, such as: lathe to change spindle speed, will change the spindle box of related gear to build, to reverse Angle gear when they change to take a very smooth, if not reverse the Angle will appear not go in. 

In the gear factory, the chamfering of spiral bevel gear heavy not to pay attention to, sometimes is the difference between the master and the important sign of the low hand, do not believe you can pay attention to, a superior level of the master must pay attention to chamfering, in turn do not pay attention to the spiral bevel gear is often low hand.