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What Is The Installation Method Of Motor Bearing

Jul 20, 2020

In work, we all know that the assembly process of the motor is carried out in reverse order when disassembly, so what is the installation method of the motor bearing?Today I will explain to you how to install the motor bearing.

Before motor assembly, the bearing should be assembled first, before the bearing bush.The journal part should be wiped clean.Place the cleaned and greased inner bearing cover on the journal.Bearing assembly.This can be done in the following two ways:

(l) Sleeve compression

Attach the bearing bush to the shaft.Alignment journal.Use an inner diameter slightly larger than the journal diameter.An iron pipe with an outer diameter slightly smaller than that of the outer ring of the bearing, and one end of the pipe is pressed on the inner ring of the bearing.Strike the other end of the iron pipe with a hammer.Knock the bearing in.

(2) Heating method

Put the motor bearing in transformer oil at 80 ~ 100 ℃ for about half an hour.The bearings are to be placed on wire netting.Do not contact the bottom or sides of the case.The oil should cover the bearing.Heating should be uniform and the temperature should not be too high.The time should not be too long, so as to avoid bearing annealing.

When it's heated up.Quickly push the bearing to the journal.If the set does not fit, the cause should be checked.If there is no external cause.Sleeve bearing inner ring can be used.Tap the person lightly with a hand hammer.After the bearing sleeve is finished.The transformer oil in the bearing is blown off by compressed air.And wipe it clean.After the motor bearing is installed.The next step is to install grease in the inner and outer rings of the bearing and in the bearing cover.The grease shall be clean.Clog should be even and not fully filled.Generally, grade 2 motors are filled with L /3 ~ L /2 cavity volume, and grade 4 and above motors are filled with 2/3 cavity volume of bearings.The grease of the inner and outer cover of the bearing is generally L /3 ~ L /2 of the cover product.