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What Is A Rack And Pinion Rotator

Apr 01, 2020

Rack and pinion steering gear is a common steering gear.Its basic structure is a pair of meshing pinion and rack.Pinion and rack steering gear consists of a steering gear integrated with the steering shaft and a rack often integrated with the steering bar

Steering gear, also known as steering machine, direction machine, it is an important part of the steering system.Its role is: to increase the steering disc to the steering gear transmission force and change the transmission direction of the force.The commonly used steering gear has rack and pinion type, worm crank pin type and circular ball type.Its basic structure is a pair of meshing pinion and rack.When the steering shaft turns the pinion, the rack moves in a straight line.Sometimes, rely on the rack to drive the bar directly, can make the steering wheel to turn.So, this is a simple steering device.

Compared with other types of steering gear, the main advantages of rack and pinion steering gear are: simple structure, compact, low cost, sensitive steering, small size, can directly drive the horizontal rod.Widely used in automobiles;The housing is made of aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy, and the quality of steering gear is relatively small.Transmission efficiency up to 90%;After the gap between the gear and the rack appears due to wear and tear, the spring installed in the back of the rack, close to the active pinion pressure can be adjusted, can automatically eliminate the gap between the teeth, such as this can not only improve the stiffness of the steering system, but also prevent impact and noise during the work;Small volume occupied by steering gear;There is no steering rocker arm and straight pull rod, so the steering wheel Angle can be increased;Low manufacturing cost.

The main disadvantage of rack-and-pinion steering gear is: because of high reverse efficiency (60% ~ 70%), the car on the uneven road, the impact between the steering wheel and the road, most of the impact can be transmitted to the steering wheel, known as recoil.Recoil phenomenon will make the driver nervous, and it is difficult to accurately control the direction of the car, the sudden rotation of the steering wheel will cause enforcers, cause injuries to the driver.