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What Are The Gear Processing Methods

Dec 10, 2019

A mechanical element with teeth on the rim for continuous meshing transmission and power.The application of gear drive appeared very early.

Commonly used gear processing methods can be divided into the following two:

1. The forming method

The gear produced by this method is of low precision and can only be used for low-speed gear transmission.

The method of milling teeth belongs to the forming method.When milling the tooth, the workpiece is installed in the dividing head of the milling machine, with a certain modulus of disk or finger type milling cutter for gear teeth milling.When the processing of a tooth, after dividing, milling the next tooth.Features of gear milling: simple equipment;Low cost of cutting tools;Low productivity;The accuracy of machining gear is relatively low.

The tooth profile of a gear is determined by the size of the base circle (related to the number of teeth in the gear).

Gear milling by forming method needs simple movement, no special machine tool is needed, but it needs to use dividing head dividing, low production efficiency.This method is generally used to produce low precision gears in small batches.

2. Generating method

When the gear is processed by the development method, the involute of the gear surface is formed by the development method, which has higher production efficiency and processing accuracy.Gear machine tools are mostly developed.

At the end of the 19th century, special machine tools and cutting tools using this principle also appeared one after another. With the development of production, the stability of gear operation was emphasized.

Common gear processing equipment and technology

1, hobbing machine hobbing: can process the following 8 modulus of the oblique teeth

2, milling machine milling teeth: can be processed straight rack

3, slotting machine gear: can process the internal teeth

4, cold dozen machine dozen teeth: can be processed without chips

5, shaper shaper: can process 16 modulus of large gear

6, precision casting teeth: can be processed in large quantities of cheap pinion gear

7, gear grinding machine gear grinding: can be processed on the precision mother machine gear

8, die casting machine casting teeth: most processing of non-ferrous metal gear

9. Gear shaving machine: it is a kind of metal cutting for gear finishing