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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spur Gear And Helical Spur Gear

May 27, 2020

What are the advantages and disadvantages of spur gear and helical spur gear

1. Cylindrical spur gear and helical gear:

Cylindrical straight gear is used for parallel shaft transmission. When meshing and exiting, the gear is carried out along the tooth width at the same time, which is easy to produce impact, vibration and noise. 

Cylindrical helical gear can be used not only for parallel transmission, but also for cross shaft transmission (spiral gear mechanism). Its features: large coincidence coefficient, smooth transmission, high gear strength, suitable for heavy load, compared with straight teeth: helical teeth have axial force. 

2. Spur gear and bevel gear (bevel gear)

Bevel gear drive mainly used for: two axis intersection drive, (usually 90 degrees)

The difference between straight and helical teeth is basically the same as that between cylindrical and helical gears, but both have axial forces.

3, the calculation of gear transmission ratio, and straight teeth, oblique teeth have no relationship, are the same calculation

4, the size of the gear ratio is calculated according to the needs of working machinery, its computation is a motor speed reducer to the working speed is required, this is the total transmission ratio ι

5, the total transmission ratio calculated, then calculate intermediate gear transmission ratio between each level, such as 1, 2, ι ι ι 3...

6, need to make sure that classification ratio 1, 2, ι ι ι 3...And the relationship between the total transmission ratio ι:

7, ι = 1 x 2 x ι ι ι 3 x...