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The Market Of Domestic Gear Grinding Machine Welcomes The Development Opportunity

May 19, 2020

       The state has invested heavily in infrastructure construction to promote the development of automobile and other industries, so that all industries have a strong demand for gear grinding machines.

       The demand of automobile gear grinding machine and large gear grinding machine is increasing rapidly.Domestic gear grinding machine ushered in the opportunity of high - level development.With the increasing demand of gear grinding machines, more and more enterprises are involved in the manufacturing of gear grinding machines.As we all know, gear is the most basic mechanical transmission components, large demand, wide application.The gear grinder is one of the most complicated products with the highest technical content, the most parts and the most complex structure.But China's gear grinder industry has been in an embarrassing situation.In the past, domestic grinding machine manufacturing enterprises are relatively backward in technology, generally lack of independent innovation ability and key and core technology support.Gear processing grinder products are mainly low-end products, lack of competitiveness.The domestic gear grinding machine has obvious gap with foreign advanced products in the stability, reliability and durability of CNC grinding machine.But China's grinder industry has not stopped, has been working hard, although there is a gap but the market demand is overwhelming.Surface grinding machines for gear processing are widely used.It has been used in automobile, tractor, grinder, construction machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum, instrument, aircraft and spacecraft, etc.According to the chief information officer of jinmo grinding machine network, at present, China's high-grade gear processing grinder has made great progress in the form of layout, appearance and shape, specifications and parameters, main functions and grinder functional components, and successfully solved the problem from "nothing" to "have", compared with the world's top products have reached the "shape".However, there is still a big gap in reliability, stability, accuracy, processing efficiency, low carbon environmental protection, intelligent level and other aspects. In order to finally achieve "spirit likeness", systematic technical research and production and quality management reform still need to be carried out on multiple levels.Whether it is the traditional automobile, ship, aerospace, military industry, or the emerging high-speed rail, railway, electronics and other industries, all of them have put forward different demands for the rapid development of the CNC tool tool industry, which has put forward new requirements for gear processing grinder manufacturers.Now, some enterprises have been responding to The Times, actively adjust the industrial structure, constantly expand the application of products, to provide hot industries with high-speed, high stability, high precision grinder new products, to meet the needs of the industry.In the future, there will be a strong demand for gear grinding machines in various industries. Only by seizing these opportunities can enterprises develop to a higher level.