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The Geometric Shape And Design Principle Of Sprocket Tooth Shape

Jul 14, 2020

1. Sprocket tooth geometry: common sprocket geometric shape is three arc has been linear, two arc has been linear, two arc convex tooth shape, an arc has been linear, the center of the tooth groove has offset linear tooth shape and linear tooth shape.

2. Design principles: The sprocket tooth shape design should mainly meet three requirements: namely, meshing requirements, use requirements,

Process and precision requirements.

(1) Ensure that the chain can be successfully gnawing in and out without interference.

(2) It has sufficient capacity to accommodate the elongation of the chain pitch.

(3) It has a reasonable Angle of action.

(4) Tooth profile curve is suitable for chain drive.

(5) Is conducive to roping and prevent chain drop due to chain beating.

(6) Good processing technology.

At present, the sprocket standard implemented in China is GBL244-85 tooth shape.