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The Development Trend Of Automobile Gear Processing

Aug 10, 2020

Helical bevel gear with stable transmission, low noise transmission performance in a variety of applicable occasions has been widely praised.It can also be called arc tooth bevel gear, arc bevel gear, spiral bevel gear and so on.

Spiral bevel gear tooth shape is an arc, and the general will take on a cone shape, because the shape like an umbrella, so it is also known as the spiral bevel gear.It is a kind of parts with stronger stability, higher operating efficiency, larger arc overlap coefficient, higher bearing capacity than the general, firm work, reliable performance, compact structure, energy-saving materials, low production cost, with abrasion resistance, long service life, small noise and other characteristics.Helical bevel gear is the most efficient transmission among many gears, and has great economic benefits. When the transmission is equal to the material, its transmission is the most space-saving, transmission stability is the most basic mechanical transmission performance.

Because of the different processing design method and processing equipment, it can be divided into several different spiral bevel gears.There are some subtle differences among these different types of bevel gears, the most important of which is the difference of parameters.Because its parameters are different, so the adapted environment is also different.These gears are mainly used in all kinds of machine tools, construction machinery, steel rolling machinery.Forklifts, elevators and many other fields.

Helical bevel gears can be divided into automobile variable speed drive series helical bevel gears, vertical coal mill helical bevel gears, wheel loader series helical bevel gears and construction machinery series helical bevel gears.Helical bevel gear has the good characteristics of low production cost, wide application range, wear resistance and easy maintenance, and has been tested by the national quality inspection standard, which has met the production requirements.So it is widely favored by people