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The Development Trend Of Automobile Gear Processing

Aug 04, 2020

Gear is the main basic transmission element in the automobile industry, usually there are 18~30 teeth in every car, the quality of gear directly affects the noise, stability and service life of the car.Gear machining machine is a complex machine tool system, is the key equipment of the automotive industry.In order to meet the requirements of manufacturing precision, production efficiency, clean production and quality improvement in gear processing industry, the following development trends have appeared in gear making machine tools and gear making technology.

1. Numerical control

2. High speed and efficiency; 3. High precision

4. Functional composition

5. Green

6, intelligent gear processing is developing towards the direction of high efficiency, high precision and green manufacturing, gear processing machine tools are developing towards the direction of full NUMERICAL control, functional compound, intelligent, automation and information development.Chinese geared machine tool manufacturers should seize this development trend to better provide efficient, composite and intelligent equipment for China's automotive gear processing industry.