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The Development Pattern Of Gear

May 11, 2020

It is particularly noteworthy that trade protectionism provoked by a few countries may trigger trade protectionism on a global scale.At present, economic globalization and trade protectionism are in the game stage, but the trend should be economic globalization.At the same time, in the post-financial crisis era, the RMB is under great pressure to appreciate.This means that the import and export pattern will produce new changes, more international products will enter China to compete directly with domestic brands.China's gear enterprises must mature in the competition.The future competition pattern will be the collectivization trend obvious, the industry concentration degree enhancement;International large enterprises have shifted their focus and increased their investment in China and other emerging markets.Foreign companies are attaching more and more importance to Chinese elements and will research and develop products specifically for the Chinese market in the future.

Technological change

Effective measures should be taken to upgrade the gear industry with information technology, so as to change the low grade of gear products and low economic benefits in China.Such as the use of automation, intelligent equipment, reduce costs and energy consumption;Promote the application of computer integrated manufacturing system in gear industry and form a powerful advanced equipment manufacturing system.

The trend of The Times

By the end of 2012, the annual sales revenue of the gear industry was about 160 billion yuan, with more than 1,000 manufacturing enterprises, more than 400 enterprises above the designated size, and about 300,000 employees. It is a large sub-industry of the basic parts industry.After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, China has become a gear power.

During the "twelfth five-year" adjust the revitalization of our gear industry faces, from large to strong historical opportunities for development, market competition both at home and abroad, domestic deep contradiction inevitably affect the industry pace, but the basic force to promote the development of industry technology innovation irreversible, transformation and upgrading of the industry in the process of growth of around 30% a year on average to achieve steady development.

By the end of the 12th five-year plan period, industry revenue is expected to exceed 260 billion yuan.The report through the gear industry downstream demand potential, further illustrate the industry development prospects.

With the advent of global integration, more and more related industries need to face more and more common issues and establish extensive cooperation.And this collaboration is no longer just about offering products.It will break down the barriers between industries from the source and take the industry demand as the guide to become a new trend of integrated development among industries.In order to achieve the goal of promoting technological innovation through industrial integration, the industry should carry out all-round cooperation in technology, standards and regulations, information services and soft science research, brand promotion and other aspects, and rationally utilize the resources of both sides to design and develop forward-looking products, so as to ensure the applicability and leadership of China's independent innovation technology.


At present, low carbonization has become the theme of manufacturing development.As more and more national bodies make low-carbon commitments, energy conservation and emission reduction will be the direction of the next technological development of enterprises.The industry should also seize the opportunity of low-carbon economy and get involved in the research of new energy technologies such as hybrid power, fuel cell, motor and electronics in advance.We will further tap the potential of traditional energy sources, vigorously develop remanufacturing and other technologies, and promote green and circular development of industries.