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The Basics Of Rack And Pinion

Apr 15, 2020

In order to transfer power, we need to use rack and pinion rack, the basic terms of rack and pinion gear size, pressure Angle, number of teeth, etc., here, I will complex introduction to understand the rack and pinion required terminology, size, conversion relations and other basic knowledge.ISO (international standard body) rules for the size of gears, revealing the module of the unit operation that represents the size of the gears.However, in practice there are other patterns to reveal the size of the performance gear.Module module M=1 (P=3.1416) module M=2 rack (P=6.2832) module M=4 (P=12.566 rack)The pitch is the length between two adjacent teeth.P= PI X modulus (m) CP (circumferential pitch) circumferential pitch is the circumferential pitch.That's the pitch of P.Rack for example, a gear with an integer pitch of CP5 / CP10 / CP15 / CP20 can be manufactured by means of ring joint CP.Rack and modulus conversion relation of m = cp/PI DP (diameter) in English for the Diametral pitch.According to ISO specification rules, the length unit USES mm (mm).But in the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries, the use of the inch as a unit of length.DP is used in these countries to reveal the size of the display gear.M =25.4/DP pressure Angle resolution rack-pinion tooth rack-shape parameters.That is, the inclination of the tooth surface of the gear.Press (a) generally adopts 20°.But sometimes the customer's drawings also have 14.5°, 15°, 17.5°, so these should be paid attention to.