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Screw Cleaning Process

Dec 27, 2018

Screw processing products will have cutting oil attachment, such a state of nature can not be shipped directly.Wipe with tissue or cloth is not feasible, because there cannot be any foreign bodies on the screw rod, otherwise it will affect the operation of the screw rod, so, the cleaning of the screw rod is also a very important process.Seemingly simple cleaning, in fact, there are many exquisite, such as cleaning fluid, cleaning methods and other related knowledge: screw profile: is the rotary movement into linear movement, or the linear movement into the ideal product of rotary movement.Ball screw is composed of screw, nut, steel ball, prepress sheet, inverter, dust arrester.Its function is to transform the rotary motion into linear motion, which is the further extension and development of ekm screw. The important significance of this development is to change the bearing from rolling motion to sliding motion.Due to its low friction resistance, ball screw is widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.Ball screw is the tool machine and precision machinery is the most commonly used transmission components, its main function is the rotation movement into linear motion, or the torque into the axial force repeatedly, at the same time has the characteristics of high precision, invertibility