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Relationship Between The Number Of Teeth In The Planetary Gears, Solar Wheels, Inner Ring

Oct 29, 2019

If not shift gears, gear mesh can be directly that each gear indexing round tangent for pure roll, that is dividing the sun wheel diameter (d1) plus two planets round of dividing circle diameter (d2) is equal to the ring gear pitch circle diameter (d3), and gear meshing, the modulus is must be the same, so their dividing circle diameter can be made for common divisor modulus, on both sides of equation to remove module, as a result, the relationship between the number of teeth, which is the number of teeth on the sun wheel plus twice the planet wheel teeth and the number of teeth on the gear ring.However, if the gear is out of position, this equation may not be true, because although the diameter of the indexing circle does not change after the gear is out of position, the diameter of the pitch circle simulating pure rolling of the gear will no longer be the diameter of the indexing circle.There's not going to be any relationship.Because there are a lot of different possibilities.