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Rack Milling In Two Ways

Apr 09, 2020

Then the rack milling has the following two ways:

1, milling straight rack, why can borrow the same modulus of 8 gear disc milling cutter?Which situations are the longitudinal and lateral displacement methods suitable for? 

Answer: because the tooth profile of the rack is a straight tooth profile, equivalent to the tooth number of straight tooth cylindrical gear tends to infinity of the tooth profile shape, all kinds of modules 8 milling cutter profile is manufactured by the straight profile, so can borrow the same module 8 gear milling cutter to milling straight rack.

Longitudinal displacement method is generally used to milling long rack, transverse displacement method is generally used to milling short rack.

2, when milling the bevel rack, in order to ensure the screw Angle, what are the two methods of clamping the workpiece?What are they used for?Can these two clamping methods have different displacement sizes during milling? 

A: one way is to tilt the workpiece clamping.This method after clamping, the workpiece reference side and the direction of the workbench into an Angle, the Angle size of the workpiece screw Angle.Each shift of the table shall be equal to the normal pitch pn of the diagonal rack.This method is only applicable to the bevel rack with small spiral Angle.

Two methods are to the workpiece benchmark side clamping and moving direction of the work table parallel, and then turn the work table, so that the work table with the workpiece around a spiral Angle.When the bevel rack is milling with this rotary worktable method, each shift shall be equal to the end face pitch pt of the bevel rack, suitable for milling longer bevel rack on a milling machine.