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Precision Gear Tooth Grinding Process

Apr 17, 2020

Hope hob installation Angle is smaller when teeth (spiral helical gear hob and gear cutting wheel, its installation Angle is small), because of this, along the tangential component of cut round hob, in contrast to the machine table to, namely hobbing machine indexing worm axial force in the opposite direction of worm gear, which can eliminate worm gear pair clearance, not easy to cause vibration, thus improve the precision of gear cutting.

Reduce the surface roughness, at the same time can make the hob to participate in the cutting of the cutter teeth more, cutting conditions are better, the quality of the gear cutter is higher: such as the hob installation Angle is large, the number of teeth to participate in the cutting, cutting load concentration, the cutter teeth easy to wear, easy to produce vibration, the quality of the gear cutter is poor.

Gear for grinding has the advantages of low transmission noise, high transmission efficiency and long service life.Gear grinding was once considered an expensive means of machining gears for aerospace and other high-tech applications.But now the perception has changed: the efficiency of the grinding machine has improved, the grinding wheel has performed better, and the high cost has been greatly reduced.

As a result, gear grinding has begun to be widely used in gear processing, such as the manufacture of automobile and motorcycle gears, and has reached a general level of application.In fact, all the automotive gear suppliers in order to remain competitive, has generally owned gear grinding machine.In the next two to five years, the automobile industry will gradually become a large growth market for hard tooth surface processing.

Because the heat treatment distortion can be removed by grinding the teeth, many gearboxes use grinding gears to better control the transmission gap and noise.Gear grinding process in the entire gear industry has been basically mature and in rapid growth.

Gear tooth grinding process used in the material is more common steel, and steel tempered steel, hardened steel, carburized hardened steel and nitriding steel types.

Grinding teeth is an effective finishing method of tooth shape, which is generally used for machining hardened tooth surface. It has a strong ability to correct errors in the pre-grinding process and can achieve high accuracy. The roughness of tooth surface can be as small as R 0.63 ~ 0.16 micron.The precision and efficiency of various grinding methods are shown in the table. 

The development of gear manufacturing technology will further study the mechanism of gear damage, and is the theoretical basis for improving the bearing capacity and prolonging the life of gear.

Research on new gear production materials and new processing technology;Friction, lubrication theory and lubrication technology are the basic work in gear research.

In the future, gear production is developing towards the direction of heavy load, high speed, high precision and high efficiency.