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Please Pay Attention To Four Points When Linear Guide

Dec 24, 2019

Ball screw, ball screw, ball screw three names in the national standard only a formal name - ball screw pair, ball screw pair also known as ball screw pair, ball screw pair.


The difference between ball screw and trapezoid screw.The inner circulation of the screw adopts the circulation realized by the reverse device. The reverse groove is located by the aid outer circle surface and the round key at the upper end to ensure the direction of the thread raceway.So, what's the difference between ball screw and normal screw?Let's take a quick look.

First, transmission speed.Ball screw is mostly rolling friction, and the ordinary screw is sliding friction, the temperature rise is lower than the ordinary screw.

Second, service life.In the case of cleaning and lubrication conditions, ball screw service life is higher than normal screw.

Third, transmission efficiency.The transmission efficiency of ball screw is above 90%, but the transmission efficiency of ordinary screw is between 26-46%. To reduce the cost, the screw with higher transmission efficiency can be used.