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Noise Analysis During Linear Guide Rail And Linear Module Movement

Dec 26, 2019

Linear guide rail and linear module are the key transmission components in today's automation equipment, the stability of performance directly affects the operation of the equipment, and the noise analysis in the process of movement is also something we must understand, today with you to analyze which circumstances are easy to lead to the generation of noise.

1. Due to the different preloading of different devices, noise will occur when the preloading is different.The so-called preloading, refers to the linear guide slider roll on the track of the pre - tightening force, also known as the degree of fit.Linear guide slider pre - pressure grades are light pre - pressure, medium pre - pressure, medium pre - pressure, overweight pre - pressure.The selection conditions of different preloading methods are as follows:

Light preloading: suitable for the equipment with certain load direction, sensational, small impact force and 2-axis side by side.Precision request is not high, single request sliding resistance small device.For example: beam welding machinery, binding machinery, active packaging machine, usually industrial machinery XY axis, active door and window processing machine, welding machine and so on;

Medium preloading: equipment with cantilever loads or torques, equipment for uniaxial use, equipment with light loads and high precision requirements.For example, grinding machine work table feed shaft, active coating machine, industrial robots, measuring devices, fine XY channels;

Reload: request high rigidity, sensational impact equipment, high load heavy cutting machine.For example: machining base, NC lathe, grinding wheel feed shaft, tool guide, etc.

Heavy preloading: request higher rigidity, great shock force, such as: operating machinery Z axis and heavy preloading applicable machinery.

2. Linear guide rail noise occurs in dusty environment;In this case, you can choose the slider with dust equipment and increase the equipment dust measures, such as organ cover protection

3. Different oils will produce noise;Some customers, considering that the machine is not convenient for refueling, use high-strength grease with extra viscosity, resulting in greater friction of the tumbling body, resulting in increased noise. Some equipment manufacturers may not be diligent in refueling, which will also increase the noise, so as to reduce the service life of the equipment.

4. Incorrect selection;Some equipment load is very light, but due to many customers can't accounting the dynamic load, feel to choose big not small, eventually leading to the light load large guide rail, will surely make more noise, motor over load operation, leading to the shorter life of limit, advising clients before purchasing selection using industrial calculator selection or ask professional technical engineers.