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Medical Plastic Spur Gear Extend The Service Life Of Reducer

May 17, 2017

The application of the Medical Plastic Spur Gear in the transmission is very early. Three hundred years BC, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle in the "mechanical problem", on the use of bronze or cast iron Medical Plastic Spur Gear rotation movement of the problem. The ancient Chinese invented the guide car has been applied in a complete set of wheel. However, the ancient Medical Plastic Spur Gear is made of wood or cast with metal, can only transfer the rotation between the shaft movement, can not guarantee the stability of the transmission, the load capacity of the Medical Plastic Spur Gear is also very small.

Products used in micro-motor, electronic products, auto parts, household appliances, office supplies, toys, handicrafts and other industries. Such as car rearview mirror, headlight regulator, timer, miniature motor, reducer, printer, fax machine, camera, DVD movement, shredder, copier, massager, toy movement, instrumentation, medical equipment , Vacuum cleaners, automatic coffee machines and other products are used in different Medical Plastic Spur Gear combinations. [1] Medical Plastic Spur Gear system noise is mainly due to the following aspects: 1, Medical Plastic Spur Gear design: improper parameter selection, coincidence is too small, improper profile modification or no modification, Medical Plastic Spur Gear box structure is unreasonable and so on. 2, Medical Plastic Spur Gear processing: base section error and tooth profile error is too large, the tooth side gap is too large, the surface roughness is too large and so on. 3, wheel and Medical Plastic Spur Gear box: assembly eccentric, low contact accuracy, poor parallelism of the shaft, shaft, bearing, bearing rigidity is insufficient, the bearing rotation accuracy is not high and the gap is not proper and so on. 4, other aspects of input torque. The fluctuation of the load torque, the torsional vibration of the shaft system, the balance of the motor and other transmission pairs.

1. Precautions before installation

   1. The machine should be cleaned before use. And check whether the installation of the shaft bruises, dirt, if all should be clean.

   2. Reducer use temperature is 0 ~ 40 ℃.

   3. Check whether the matching dimensions of the hole (or shaft) connected to the Medical Plastic Spur Gear unit meet the requirements. The hole tolerance should be H7 (the tolerance of the shaft is H6).

   4. Before use should be the most bit of the plug into the exhaust plug, to ensure that the reducer running out of the body of gas.

Second, the installation of reducer

   1. Reducer can only be installed in a flat, shock-absorbing, torsion-resistant support structure.

   2. In any case, it is not permissible to use a hammer to type the pulleys, couplings, pinions or sprockets onto the output shaft, which can damage the bearings and shafts.

3. Use and maintenance

   1. After installing the reducer, check if it is flexible. Formal use must be carried out without load test, in the normal operation of the case, in the gradual loading operation.

   2. Reducer is strictly prohibited to use more than the rated load.

   3. Reducer before use and work should check the oil level is normal, the machine has been filled in the factory before the oil, lubricating oil name: medium load industrial Medical Plastic Spur Gear oil GB5903-86220.

4. Oil change system

   The first oil change the machine to run 300 ~ 400 hours after the replacement of lubricating oil, after every 1500 ~ 2000 hours to replace the oil. In the harsh working environment, high temperature, dust, large work should be every half a month to conduct a check on the lubricants and found that lubricants are replaced with lubricants to keep lubricants clean, extend the life of the reducer ,Improve economic efficiency.