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Machining Method Of Gear Tooth

Aug 20, 2020

1. Profiling method

The profiling method is processed on a milling machine with a disk or finger milling cutter that has the same shape as the tooth groove of the gear. Finger milling cutter is mainly used for processing large modulus (M>8mm) gear.

This processing method is of low precision, and is one by one gear cutting, discontinuous cutting, so the productivity is very low, only suitable for single or small batch of low precision gear production.

2. Generalization

Generalizing method is also called developing method, which USES the meshing principle of gear to cut the profile of gear teeth.This method has high precision and is the main method of gear tooth machining at present.

     There are many kinds of methods, such as gear shaping, hobbing, shaving, grinding, etc., among which the most commonly used are gear shaping and hobbing, shaving