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Machining Method And Criterion Of Gear

Dec 27, 2018

1. Gear grinding: IT6 ~ IT4 to IT3, Ra: 0.8 ~ 0.2 microns principle: forming method and development method.

(1) grinding teeth IT6 ~ IT5, Ra: 0.8 ~ 0.4 microns, with formed wheel grinding, production

Gear transmission

Gear transmission

High yield, low machining accuracy, less application.

The essay is for tooth grinding

Taper grinding wheel teeth: grinding wheel section tooth shape is imaginary rack tooth shape, workpiece rolling to the right, using the right side of the grinding wheel grinding the right side of the first gear groove, grinding from the root to the top;Then the workpiece is rolled to the left, grinding the left side of the l-tooth groove from the left side of the grinding wheel, also grinding from the root to the top, when the two sides of the l-tooth groove are all finished grinding, grinding wheel automatically from the workpiece, the workpiece for a degree of rotation, and then rolling to the right, grinding the second tooth groove, so repeated cycle, until the complete grinding gear.

2. The lapping:

IT7 ~ IT6, Ra: 1.6 ~ 0.2 microns equipment: gear grinding machine.Grinding tool: precision cast iron gear.Abrasive: abrasive particles: 220# ~ 240#, the characteristics of active lubricating oil: the same as honing, can only reduce the surface roughness, can not improve the accuracy of tooth shape.

Parallel axis grinding method:

1. Process: the grinding wheel is parallel to the axis of the grinding gear. During grinding, the grinding wheel is driven by the grinding gear to make free meshing movement without side clearance.After a period of time, the grinding wheel and the grinding wheel are rotated in reverse, so that the two sides of the tooth are evenly ground.

2. Features: as the sliding speed of the tooth surface is not uniform, the grinding amount is not uniform, and the sliding speed at the top and the root part of the tooth is large, so is the grinding amount.

A gear drive with an axis of motion

There are many types of planetary gear transmission, the performance of different types varies greatly, according to the working conditions of reasonable choice of type is very important.Commonly used is by the sun wheel, planetary wheel, internal gear and planetary frame composed of ordinary planetary transmission, less tooth difference planetary gear transmission, cycloidal pin-wheel transmission and harmonic transmission.Planetary gear transmission is generally composed of parallel shaft gear combination, with the characteristics of small size, light weight, the input shaft and output shaft can be in the same line.Its application is more and more widespread.