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Introduction To Ball Screw And Grinding Screw

Jan 09, 2020

1. Introduction to the ball screw of the transition stage

The production of HIWIN grade ball screw (ball screw) is different from that of grinding grade.Compared with the traditional guide screw, the grade ball screw not only has the advantages of low friction and smooth operation, but also can be supplied quickly and cheaply.

HIWIN USES the most advanced tooth rolling technology to produce rotating screw, and the selection of materials, tooth rolling process, heat treatment, processing and assembly processes are all subject to strict quality control to ensure the best quality of products.

In general, the same preloading method can be used to eliminate the axial clearance of the rotary grade ball screw except that the definition of lead error and geometric tolerance are different from that of the grinding grade ball screw (ball screw).The screw type and size of the ball screw can be selected by referring to the information of grinding screw.

2. Precision manufacturing grade ball screw

Definition of lead accuracy of ball screw of transition stage: is the allowable value of cumulative lead error of any 300mm within the length of repeated effective threads.