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Introduction Of High Precision Gear Manufacturing Process

Apr 07, 2020

Grinding gear

Forging gear blank

Hot die forging is still a rough forging technology widely used in automobile gear parts.In recent years, cross wedge rolling technology has been widely used in shaft processing.This technology is especially suitable for the complex step shaft type blank making, it is not only high precision, after processing margin is small, but also high production efficiency.

Two, gear blank normalizing process

The purpose of this process is to obtain the hardness suitable for the after gear cutting and to prepare the tissue for the final heat treatment so as to effectively reduce the heat treatment deformation.Due to the influence of personnel, equipment and environment, it is difficult to control the cooling speed and uniformity of the workpiece, resulting in large hardness dispersion and uneven metallographic structure, which directly affects the metal cutting and final heat treatment.

Fine milling gear

Iii. Selection of gear positioning datum

The selection of gear positioning datum is often different due to the different gear structure and shape.The gear with shaft mainly adopts positioning, and the cone block is adopted when the aperture is large, so the positioning precision is high and the reference can be unified.

Selection of precision gear cutting oil

(1) silicon steel is relatively easy to cut the material, generally in order to workpiece finished products easy to clean, in the premise of preventing the emergence of burr will choose low viscosity gear cutting oil.

(2) carbon steel in the selection of gear cutting oil should be processed according to the difficulty and degreasing conditions to determine the better viscosity.

(3) galvanized steel and chlorine additives will occur chemical reaction, so in the selection of gear cutting oil should pay attention to the problem of possible white rust, and the use of yidar bonrun sulfur type special gear cutting oil can avoid the problem of rust, but after processing should be defatted as soon as possible.

(4) stainless steel generally USES gear cutting oil containing sulfur chloride compound additives, in order to ensure the extreme pressure processing performance, while avoiding the workpiece burr, rupture and other problems.

Bevel gear

Gear heat treatment technology

Carburizing and quenching are required for automotive gears to ensure their good mechanical properties.Stable and reliable heat treatment equipment is essential for products that are no longer processed after heating.