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How To Properly Install The Planetary Reducer

May 31, 2019

As we know, planetary gear reducers are universial in servo, step-by-step and DC transmission systems as their size is small, the transmission is very efficient and they have a wide range of deceleration and high accuracy.

It has the function of reducing the speed, incresing the torque and reducing the load/motor inertia ratio on the premise of ensuring precision transmission. In some time, the output shaft of the reducer have been broken by some users because of some human factors such as illegal installation, which has led to unnecessary losses to enterprises. Hence, to help users to use the reducer better, there is necessity to introduce in detail on how to install the planetary reducer in  a right way.

It is  important  to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment if you know the correct installation, use and maintenance of the reducer. Therefore, you should follow the introduction of the installation of planetary gear reducer.

1. When it is installed, you should make sure that the motor and reducer are intact and intact, and strictly check if the dimentions of the parts connected by the motor and reducer match. There are the dimensions of positioning bump input shaft and reducer groove and their matching tolerances.

2. You should make the screw remove on the outer dust hole of the flange of the gearbox, adjust the PCS clamping ring to align the side hole with the dust hole and insert the inner hexagon tightly. And then, remove the motor shaft key.

3. You should connect the motor to the reducer naturally. When connecting, make sure the concentricity of the output shaft of the planetary gearbox and the input shaft of the moor is the same and the outer flanges of the two are parallel. If the concentrcity is consistent, the motor shaft won't be broken or the gear of the reducer won't be worn out.

Apart from it, hammer strikes are forbbiden during installation to ban exessive axial or radial forces from damaging bearings or gears. Make sure the installation bolt should be tightened before you tighten the force bolt. When you install, please wipe the rust-proof oil of motor input shaft, positioning pump and connecting part of gearbox with gasinline or zinc-sodium water. The purpose is to ensure the tightness of the connection and the flexibility of operation, and to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

After the key groove of the motor shaft should be perpendicular to the tightening bolt, you should connect the motor to the plentary reducer. Screw up the installation bolts at any disgonal position but not tightened is very important because it is to ensure uniform force. Then, the installation bolts at the other two disgonal positions should be screwed up and at last the four installation bolts should be tightened one by one. And then, tighten the force bolt. All tightening bolts need to be fixed and inspected by the hand of the moment plate as the specified fixed torque data says.

It seems like the installation between planetary servo gearbox and driving motor when you install the reducer and mechanical equipment. The key is to ensure the concentricity of the output shaft and the  driving part of the reducer is the  same.