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How Is The Ball Screw Assembled

Jan 06, 2020

Ball screw is a kind of compact machine parts, so in the use of, only from many aspects of the strict attention, to ensure its normal use, and ensure its service life.Here, we understand the ball screw use considerations.

First, before use, the lubrication state of the screw should be very good check, because if the ball screw is in poor lubrication state, there will be a short time to use the ball screw function loss.It can also be said that due to the serious wear and tear, resulting in the loss of its function.

Second, once good on the ball screw with lubricating oil, will directly be used, but should pay attention to in the process of using there will be more dust adsorption on it, if not in time to clean up the dust, will cause the problem of the use of the other, at that time, the right operation method is to use clean numb, and then use some white kerosene and scrubbing, later, then coated in oil well, the next use.When besmear lube again, must pay attention to do not appear to mix the condition that USES lube.

Third, in the use of the process, no matter what kind of use problems, non-professional personnel, must not remove the screw handling, because of improper operation, the simplest is that the dust will enter into the screw, so that the use of ball screw precision is affected.

Finally, the reassembly of the lead screw once the assembly error, then the use of such a lead screw lost value.And for the ball screw out of the problem, the correct approach is to ask for professional knowledge to repair the treatment.