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HIWIN Ball Screw Linear Guide Ball Spline Element

Jan 03, 2020

In fact, these two years of ball screw linear guide rail ball spline component enterprise transformation and upgrading is ramming, the automation process is speeding up.Recently, big bits of information with China southern district 500 ball screw linear guide ball spline element made enterprise automation situation survey, the data show that at present there are 96.15% of the enterprises in the industry has been the introduction of automation equipment, the remaining 3.85% of the enterprise are all said they would plan to introduce the next 2-3 years, you can see, the whole industry, automated production.

However, for the ball spline component industry of ball screw linear guide rail, if we want to fully liberate manpower and realize full automatic production, we must solve the problem of product standardization.For the whole machine enterprise, the standardized production is beneficial to reduce the purchase cost and expand the product selection.For ball screw linear guide rail ball spline component enterprises, can carry out large-scale fully automated production, fully liberate manpower, improve product competitiveness.

However, there are still many disputes in the standardized production. For example, what problems will occur after the standardized production of ball spline components in ball screw linear guide?Machine enterprise attitude?How to cooperate between upstream and downstream?A series of problems need to be solved urgently.In order to promote the product standardization production, power ball screw linear guide enterprises to accelerate the process of automation, ball spline element big bits of information organization about once a month since 2015 according to different machine ball screw linear guide ball spline element automation salon, participate in the object for the whole machine and ball screw, linear guide ball spline element enterprise, research and development, research and development director general manager, we sincerely invite you to participate.