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Gear Processing Methods Have What Gear Processing Product Classification

Apr 26, 2020
Gear processing methods include forming method and developing method.Forming method is the direct use of gear milling cutter will be tooth milling out, the advantage is to be able to get gear on the milling machine, in the case of limited equipment consideration.Many shortcomings, in order to reduce the number of tools and the number of teeth section, in a section of the number of teeth with a knife, so that the tooth type will bring systematic errors.Development method is the use of tools and gears formed into a movement to process gears.There are mainly hobbing and gear shaper, hobbing is simulated worm gear meshing to process.Gear shapers are machined by simulating the engagement of two gears.Hobbing with more, because hobbing hob tooth shape is straight line, convenient processing, and gear shaper tool is a shovel back gear, tooth shape is involute, processing is not this convenient.But gear shaper can be used in some hobbing can not be processed in the position, such as the inner teeth and back cutter distance is too short of double or multiple gear.In the gear finishing there are shaving and grinding teeth.