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Gear Processing Methods

Nov 16, 2016

Involute gear processing methods have 2 types, one is a profiling method, form milling cutter milling grooves of the gears, is the "imitation". Another is generating (generating).

(1) gear-hobbing machine gear hobbing: 8 modules can be processed here helical gear

(2) the milling machine milling: machining straight-tooth

(3) the slotting Shaper: processing gear

(4) gear cold machine: chipless machining

(5) the planing machine gear Shaper: processing 16 modulus gears

(6) precision cast on: high volume processing cheap gear

(7) grinding machine grinding: on the processing of precision machine tools gear

(8) the die casting machines casting gear: most machining Nonferrous Metal Gear

(9) shaving machine: is a precision processing of metal-cutting machine tools