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Gear Mechanical Product Performance And Quality

Aug 14, 2017

With the development of science and technology in China, the improvement of equipment level, the accuracy of gear transmission parts is also getting higher and higher, high precision gears have been widely used. As a high-precision, hardened tooth gear processing mainstream core technology equipment grinding machine tool applications are becoming more and more popular. In general, the grinding gear is gear parts of the tooth finishing process, is to complete the rough rough (such as hobbing, milling, etc.) process and heat treatment on the basis of grinding to remove the finishing allowance to further A Gear Finishing Process for Improving Gear Accuracy and Surface Quality. Due to the particularity of the shape of the gear parts, it is necessary to ensure that the initial position of the grinding wheel is aligned with the teeth of the blanks, that is, the geared grooves of the grinding gears must be circumferentially positioned (ie, for the teeth).

In order to ensure that the grinding wheel into the alveolar and equal to the left and right tooth surface grinding margin requirements, grinding machine in the parts before grinding the parts need to be circumferentially positioned. It is necessary to ensure that the center of the cog will coincide with the center of the grinding wheel. After properly grinding the first tooth groove, the machine will divide the workpiece in turn and grind all the teeth.

The current grinding machine tool teeth technology can basically be divided into three levels. In the small and medium size grinding machine is basically not equipped with a special tooth device, the work can only rely on the operator to manually operate the wheel near the workpiece through the visual judgment of the workpiece circumferential positioning. (Such as trapezoidal cross-section or garden cross-section) is close to the workpiece, and the workpiece is rotated to rotate the workpiece by means of a mechanical contact with the machine. The two sides contact with the positioning head, making the cogging cross-section symmetrical center and the grinding wheel tooth profile cross-section symmetrical center coincidence, so as to ensure the subsequent grinding teeth on both sides of the balance. The above two cases of alveolar circumferential positioning accuracy is poor, low efficiency, reliability is not guaranteed. In the NC large-scale grinding machine, because the machine itself is equipped with the function of the automatic measurement system, you can use the system to automatically identify the two sides of the alveolar to determine the location of its center, its high precision, but the cost is high.

Gear, is recognized as a symbol of industrialization, gear manufacturing level directly affects the performance and quality of mechanical products. Based on the significance of gear manufacturing in industry, this paper introduces the latest development of gear processing technology and lubrication technology, and the technical requirements and selection method of lubricating medium for gear processing.

Gear transmission is the most common mechanical transmission in modern machines, is an important basic parts of mechanical products. Compared with other mechanical transmission forms (chain drive, belt drive, hydraulic drive, etc.), it has the characteristics of high power range, high transmission efficiency, accurate transmission and long service life. Therefore, it has become an indispensable transmission parts of many mechanical products, but also the proportion of the largest machine in the form of transmission.

Gear design and manufacturing level will directly affect the performance and quality of mechanical products, for example, in the modern booming automotive industry, usually every car has 18 to 30 teeth, the quality of the gear directly affect the car noise, smooth Sex and service life. Gear processing technology and equipment usually greatly affect the industry can achieve the highest level of manufacturing, modern industrial developed advanced countries such as the United States, Germany and Japan are also gear manufacturing technology and equipment manufacturing power. Therefore, the status of gear in industrial development has been relatively prominent, is recognized as a symbol of industrialization. From this point of view, attention to the advanced processing technology and development trend of gear is extremely important.