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Gear Improve The Efficiency Of The Workpiece Processing And Even Precision

Jul 14, 2017

With the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, gears are essential for the transmission of power in machinery and equipment, and are used in modern industrial equipment such as metal cutting machine tools, aviation, power systems, metallurgical machinery, agricultural machinery and transportation machinery. Extensive application.

Gear manufacturing technology is the key to obtain high-quality gears, the working conditions of the gear determines its structural shape, the accuracy of the different grades, coupled with the production conditions are different, so the gear processing technology is not the same. But in general the gear processing can be divided into four stages: tooth blanking, tooth surface processing, heat treatment and tooth finishing.

1, NC

As the machine through the movement of the axis of CNC control and part of the axis between the linkage, has the following advantages:

1) increased the function of the machine, such as hobbing small taper and drum gear, etc. become extremely simple.

2) shorten the transmission chain, while the use of semi-closed-loop or closed-loop control, through the NC compensation can improve the positioning accuracy of each axis and repeat the positioning accuracy, thereby improving the machining accuracy and Cp value, increased machine reliability.

3) for the variety, due to eliminating the need to calculate and replace the tooth wheel and differential wheel, feed and spindle shift time, the gear machine also eliminates the time for the ramp, thereby reducing the auxiliary processing Time, increased the flexibility of the machine.

4) As the mechanical structure becomes simple, it can be designed to be more conducive to improving the rigidity of the machine and the thermal deformation to the bottom.

5) There is no mechanical connection between the shafts, structural design has become typical, more conducive to the implementation of modular design and manufacturing.

2, high-speed and efficient

Gear machining machines such as hobbing machines, gear shaper and high speed of the grinding machine mainly refers to the machine has a high tool spindle speed and high table speed, they are the main indicators to improve cutting efficiency. Conventional mechanical hobbing machine hob spindle speed is usually up to 500r / min, table speed up to 32r / min. Metal processing micro letter, the content is good, worthy of attention. With the improvement of the performance of the gear machining tool, the high speed and high efficiency cutting of the gear machining machine has been developed rapidly and mature. The gear hobbing cutting speed is from 100m / min to 500 ~ 600m / min, the cutting feed speed is from 3 ~ 4mm / R to 20mm / r, which makes the maximum speed of the hobbing machine spindle up to 5500r / min, the maximum speed of the table up to 800r / min, machine parts moving speed is also up to 10m / min; high-power spindle system allows the machine can use diameter and The length of the grinding wheel are grinding, is conducive to increasing the wheel life, but also help the operator choose the best grinding parameters to complete the grinding process.

3, high precision

As a result of the use of high precision, with preloaded high-rigidity linear guide, ball screw, rolling bearing, spindle, torque motor and CNC technology, high-speed machining conditions under the gear machining machine accuracy is guaranteed and improved. Electric spindle accuracy is generally radial vibration 0.002mm, axial 0.001mm; ring torque servo motor positioning accuracy of 0.5 ", repeat positioning accuracy of 0.01"; linear motion axis positioning accuracy of less than 0.008mm, repeat positioning accuracy of less than 0.005 Mm. Hobbing and gear teeth Although rough processing, but in high-speed cutting conditions can still achieve DIN 6 ~ 7 precision, for the subsequent finishing process to obtain high precision to provide a guarantee. With the improvement of the production efficiency of the grinding machine, the reduction of the cost of the single gear grinding and the increasing pursuit of the precision of the gears of the automobile gears, the demand for the grinding machine is increasing. At the same time, with the development of numerical control technology, The extension of the machine tool is easier to implement. Therefore, in the fierce market competition pressure, the world's major manufacturers of tooth-making machine manufacturers have joined the production of grinding machine as the representative of the gear finishing machine ranks. The development of this trend will make the future of automotive gear processing more and more use of rolling - grinding process.

4, functional composite

Function compound machine is a machine or a workpiece in a clamping, you can complete multi-channel process processing, thereby improving the processing efficiency of the workpiece or even precision.