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Gear Box The Importance Of Cleanliness

May 10, 2017

1, the importance of gearbox cleanliness

The gearbox is the function of matching speed and transmission torque between the prime mover and the working machine. Therefore, the normal operation of the gear box affects the normal operation of the entire system, its various aspects of the characteristics are also important. At present, the domestic production of mechanical products with foreign machinery products, there are still gaps, these gaps are mainly reflected in the basic components, such as hydraulic components, large capacity and low performance, serious leakage of oil. While the introduction of foreign mechanical products, the quality of the hydraulic system is more stable, after a long period of use of small oil leakage. Because of the lack of attention to mechanical products and production process of cleanliness caused by poor quality, product delivery rate is low, short life and other issues. Domestic introduction of foreign advanced technology at the same time, not on the product processing and assembly process cleanliness caused enough attention, resulting in the same technology, but the performance of the product produced with a lot of difference from abroad. The cleanliness of the gear box is mainly reflected in the parts in the process of assembly and assembly of iron and other impurities, lubricating oil cleanliness and other issues. The cleanliness problem is simple, but the problems or failures are multifaceted. The following is a description of the causes, effects and improvements to cleanliness.

2, caused by the gear box cleanliness of the various possible factors

(1) Gear Box The clarity of the lubricating oil used in the gear box is poor. This is the direct cause of poor cleanliness. The main consequences: When the gear box starts to run, the lubricating oil enters the lubrication line to each lubrication point (usually the gear meshing area and the bearing area), where the impurities also reach the meshing zone and the bearing, thus affecting Their service life. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a special oil filter to filter before using the lubricant.

(2) Gear Box parts of the machine produced when the iron is not clean. On the one hand is the next process of processing workers due to careless parts of the iron to clean up, resulting in the surface of the parts of the pit or scratches and other defects; the other is the presence of iron in some locations is not easy to clean, such as The iron filings in the oil hole after the work of the gear box will be through the oil and was brought into the work area, and then damage to the parts.

(3) Gear Box pickling the oil after the welding and other processing. After the acid pickling circuit is not allowed to be welded, or welding impurities will enter the pipeline, and with the oil into the gear box cycle.

(4) Gear Box assembled on the finished product for some parts of the post-processing processing. Principle with (3).

(5) Gear Box after cleaning the parts do not pay attention to preservation, free to put. Such as dust and other impurities into the important surface of the parts, affecting the size of the fit.

3, the impact of cleanliness on the gear box

(1) Gear Box Impact on lubrication and pipe fittings. In order to increase the lubrication of the fuel injection pressure, the gear box in the oil hole diameter is generally small, after the cycle, the oil is easy to stay in the oil hole position in the iron out, and add impurities in the oil, gradually It will plug a small oil hole, resulting in insufficient or not lubricating oil.

The impact of a variety of body: debris into the spool, the core will damage the surface, affecting the sensitivity of the spool to reduce its life.

(2) Gear Box the impact on gears and meshing. In the process of gear meshing, the lubricating oil carries the impurity with the meshing tooth surface, destroys the smoothness of the tooth surface, reduces the mechanical properties of the tooth surface, affects the smoothness of the transmission, causes the tooth surface to be prone to pitting, gluing, wear and so on. Service life.

(3) Gear Box the impact on the bearing. Bearings in the normal lubrication conditions, the surface will be formed between the oil film, will not be in direct contact, can reduce the friction inside the bearing and wear, improve bearing performance and extend the service life. When the oil contains impurities, the impurities into the bearing between the rolling element and the inner and outer ring, increasing friction, so that rolling the poor rotation, especially in high-speed heavy load, will make the inner and outer ring and rolling body pits, causing its point Corrosion or other failure forms, affecting the service life.

(4) Gear Box the impact on the bolt. When the sealant or iron and other impurities into the threaded hole in the bolt into the screw, it will affect the bolt tightening torque, so that the desired effect, resulting in excessive force to break the thread type or not reach the tightening torque Bolt oil leakage.

4, to improve the gear box cleanliness method

(1) Gear Box the use of professional cleaning devices, such as ultrasonic cleaning machine.

(2) Gear Box the cleaning and cleaning process after the tight control. To develop a reasonable cleaning process, the cleaning process of different products according to the actual production to explore; cleaning parts placed around the environment should be kept clean, and use the correct method to save.

(3) Gear Box parts clean or assembled after the subsequent processing, such as grinding and so on.

(4) Gear Box parts or parts to be cleaned twice. For the entire gear box, the parts should be cleaned before assembling the test, to be finished after the test, to be cleaned once again, the purpose is to test when the various impurities (such as clean iron, gear run-in period of iron The end of the clean-up, important product test time should be relatively long; for a single part (non-whole order), before and after storage in the library before the assembly of cleaning.

(5) Gear Box for the actual operation of the gear box in the process of iron can not be cleaned up, in the appropriate position to increase the magnetic absorption of iron, and its regular cleaning.