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Gear Box Assembly Line

Sep 15, 2020

(1) Connection between gearbox bottom plate and gearbox box body; 

(2) Install the fixed shaft; 

(3) Spindle installation; 

(4) Spline guide shaft installation; 

(5) Installation of bearing end cover and fixed end pervious cover; 

(6) Installation of sliding block fork; 

(7) For adjustment of gear meshing surface width difference, if there is an obvious dislocation between gears and gears, the dislocation value shall be detected with tools such as feeler ruler.The width difference of meshing surface of two meshing gears is adjusted by means of tight retaining ring, loose ring nut and loose ring and tight round nut.The width difference of two meshing gears is adjusted by adjusting the left and right positions of the sliding guide shaft of the slider.