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Gear Absolute Value Method

Nov 16, 2016

Absolute value judgement is used in the gearbox at the same measuring point positions the amplitude measured values directly as the evaluation condition indicators.

Using absolute value method for gear recognition, must depending on the gear box, different operating requirements to develop appropriate criteria.

Development of gear absolute standards based primarily on the following:

1) theoretical study on abnormal vibration;

(2) according to the experimental analysis of vibration phenomena;

(3) statistical evaluation of measured data;

(4) the domestic and foreign standards.

In fact, there is no absolute criteria that can be applied to all gears, when the gears of different sizes, types, and have different criteria.

When a judgment determination of vibration parameters on broadband, standard values must be changed according to the frequency. Frequency 1kHz vibration velocity to determine the frequency 1kHz, vibration acceleration to determine. Real standard is set according to the specific circumstances.