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Continuous Development And Progress Of Gear

Nov 16, 2016

Middle and low gear die mostly of domestic production, molds to rely more on imports of high-end gear. Domestic specialized mold factory is not much, mostly do gear by gear factory molds, gear factory is often a section or a small workshop to undertake this work. This domestic development of mold industry even more difficult. Experts said, to better and faster development of mold industry in our country, it is necessary to fundamentally solve the dependency problem, efforts to improve professional skills, so as to better serve China's mold industry.

With the increasing competition in the gear industry, enterprise integration and capital operation of large gear is becoming more frequent, elite gear manufacturers more and more attention to market research, in particular further research on enterprise development environment and customer needs change. Because of this, a large number of excellent gear brands rapidly, becoming in the gear industry leader!

In 2011, the gear industry total sales reached 178 billion yuan, an increase of 23%; imports was also much higher than exports, but export growth was stronger than imports.

2012 gear industry may present "before and after low and high speed growth in" situation. 2012 quarter trend of slower industry growth will continue into this year. The second half, along with the State policy of expanding domestic demand gradually in place, the development of emerging industries of strategic importance, as well as national "three basic plan" launched, will enhance the equipment manufacturing industry, so as to drive the gear industry as a whole new round of rise. Gear industry sales were expected to rise more than 10%, export or will be 15%.