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Conical Gears Are Mainly Of The Following Types

Dec 26, 2018

Conical gears are mainly of the following types:

(1) straight tooth conical gear.This is the standard form of conical gear, its profile section is perpendicular to the conical bus, the tooth height is in the form of contraction teeth, that is, from the large end of the tooth (the outer end) along the dividing conical bus to the small end of the tooth (the inner end), the tooth height gradually decreases.The advantage of straight bevel gear is that the design, manufacture and installation are relatively simple, easy to adjust;The disadvantage is that the operation noise is large, there is impact;Suitable for low speed transmission (<5m/s).[1]

(2) helical bevel gear.The helical helical surface of helical bevel gear is similar to the tooth surface of cylindrical helical gear.The tooth shape of helical bevel gears is usually constructed by using the projection curve (i.e., the helical conic helix) of a straight line at an Angle of beta on the tangent plane of the indexing conic plane and the indexing conic bus as the design reference.The tooth height of helical bevel gears is also in the form of contractile teeth.When a pair of helical bevel gears are engaged, just like helical cylindrical gears, the contact line of tooth surface is an oblique curve. The contact curve first changes from short to long, and then from long to short until it is out of engagement.Therefore, helical bevel gear and straight bevel gear, transmission is more stable, impact, vibration is small, suitable for medium, high speed and heavy load occasions.[1]

(3) curved tooth conical gear.Curve tooth is divided into arc tooth, long amplitude cycloid tooth (cycloid tooth for short) and quasi-involute tooth.Among them, the tooth height of cycloid bevel gear is in the form of iso-high tooth, the tooth height remains the same at all points along the indexing conical bus, while the tooth height of arc bevel gear is still in the form of contraction tooth.Curved bevel gear has the characteristics of smooth transmission, low noise and large carrying capacity, which is suitable for all kinds of high speed and heavy load mechanical equipment and vehicles (such as automotive differential).