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China Gear Industry Development Trend Analysis

Dec 04, 2019

At present, the product quality, product design, process development, manufacturing equipment, testing and other comprehensive technical level of China's speed change gear industry is only equal to the level of developed countries in the middle and late 1990s.

To be specific, on the one hand, mid - and low-end products overcapacity, homogenization vicious competition.On the other hand, the capacity of high-end products is insufficient. Variable speed gear transmission devices for automobiles, construction machinery, high-speed rail, coal engines and large agricultural machinery are heavily dependent on imports, and the import and export deficit is increasing year by year.During the 12th five-year plan period, China's gear industry is faced with the historical development opportunity of readjustment and revitalization and transformation from great to great strength.

Due to the influence of trade protectionism, RMB appreciation pressure, export exchange rate risk and consumption level decline in developed countries, the export competition of China's gear products will intensify.By the end of 2013, there were 1,057 gear manufacturing enterprises above the scale in China.In 2013, the scale of China's gear market reached 166.1 billion yuan, an increase of more than 6 times compared with 25.8 billion yuan in 2005, making China a verworthy major manufacturer of speed change gears in the world. At present, the scale of gear market has ranked the third in the world.

Therefore, the transmission gear industry, while maintaining part of the cost advantage, must rely on technological progress, quality improvement and product cost performance and other new advantages to expand exports.The basic forces driving technological progress, innovation and development of the industry are irreversible. It is estimated that the industry will achieve steady growth at an average annual rate of about 30% in the process of transformation and upgrading.

Gear reducers boost the equipment manufacturing industry to accelerate the development

Gear reducer is an indispensable key component of mechanical transmission in equipment manufacturing industry.The development of national economy will boost the investment in infrastructure construction, thus promoting the development of metallurgy, electric power, construction machinery, building materials, energy and other industries, which promote the expansion of the market for gear reducer.

According to the data released by the qianzhan industry research institute, the sales revenue of China's reducer industry reached 60.23 billion yuan in 2011, up 31.54% year on year.The total industrial output value reached 60.972 billion yuan, up 34.40% year on year.The total profit was 5.063 billion yuan, up 27.90% year on year.

Due to the constraint of equipment manufacturing technology, gear reducer in China can only produce medium and low grade products, and the application of gear reducer in major national fields and key projects can only rely on imports.In order to change the backward situation in developed countries,In the 12th five-year strategic plan, the country's macroeconomic policies will continue to work, domestic economic growth will remain strong, and the international market will recover slowly.

At present, the demand of gear reducer is strong, the capacity utilization rate is high, and the profits of the main gear reducer manufacturers are greatly improved.With the development of gear reducer, the demand of gear reducer will continue to maintain rapid growth, the future annual growth rate will be more than 20%.

Analysis of gear reducer industry status quo analysis of the future development of transformation and upgrading prospects analysis

The downstream application industries of reducer mainly include hoisting and transportation, cement and building materials, heavy mining, metallurgy, electric power, aviation and Marine and other fields of national economy and national defense industry.

Benefiting from the deepening of industrialization and urbanization and the national emphasis on machinery manufacturing, the reducer industry is one of the basic equipment industries in China.At the same time, China's economic development has entered a period of deep adjustment, and the reducer industry has also entered the transformation and upgrading.

Crane transportation equipment is the most widely used gear reducer industry, the development of the speed of the industry directly affects the speed of the growth of reducer market demand.Expect;During the 13th five-year plan period, China's hoisting transportation equipment manufacturing industry will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth, benefiting from this, the demand for reduction gear will also be effectively pulled.

After a long period of extensive expansion, the steel industry urgently needs to accelerate the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, which brings challenges and market opportunities to the metallurgical heavy machinery manufacturing industry, especially the high-tech high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

Gear reducer is the second kind of general mechanical equipment used in cement machinery, its market boom is bound to go up with the strong demand of cement machinery industry.

The gear speed reducer industry in our country after the joint efforts of several generations have formed a huge industry scale, at present, our country reducer products not only meet the needs of the domestic mainstream market, also exported to foreign countries, and occupy a certain position in the international market, is world-famous, has become the world's superpower deceleration mechanism made in China.