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Characteristics Of Gear Machining

Dec 09, 2019

Characteristics of gear machining:

Hobbing machine hob: 8 modulus can be processed under oblique teeth, milling machine milling teeth, can be processed straight rack, slotting machine gear shaper: can be processed within ChiLeng machine dozen tooth: can a chipless machining, gear shaper gear shaper: 16 big modulus gear can be processed, on the precise casting gear: can bulk processing cheap little gear, gear grinding machine grinding, can be on the gear machining precision machine tools, die casting machine casting gear: most processing non-ferrous metal gear, gear shaving machine: is a kind of gear finishing in metal cutting, punching blunt teeth: thin materials multi-purpose punch punching gear such as clocks and watches, sprocket, etc

Is a set of gear research and development, production, gear grinding processing, gear processing belt wheel, and sales as one of the technology enterprises and gear manufacturers.The company develops and produces standard and non-standard rack mainly for mechanical automation equipment.Such as CNC flame cutting machine, various CNC transmission equipment.In order to reduce the positioning error, improve the precision of rack and pinion machining, the company in the processing of the choice of datum coincidence, uniform positioning method;When locating the inner hole, the fit gap should be close to it and may be reduced.The locating end face and locating hole or outer circle shall be machined in a single clamping process to ensure the perpendicularity requirements.

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