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Bevel Gear Processing

Jun 15, 2020

         Bevel gears are machined on the milling machine (straight bevel gears), the milling cutters used in vertical and horizontal milling machines are different, in vertical.Type milling machine to use finger gear milling cutter, because the finger gear milling cutter manufacturing cost is high, easy to lose, use in chip heat dissipation effect

Poor shortcomings, so, less use.In general, the use of disk gear milling cutter in horizontal milling machine processing;Bevel gear.The tooth shape of disk gear milling cutter is made according to the big tooth shape of bevel gear, the thickness is made according to the small end of bevel gear, before processing, according to the number of teeth

Select the cutter, install the wheel blank on the heart shaft, install the mandrel on the dividing head, adjust the elevation Angle of the dividing head and the tooth root line of the bevel gear.Consistent with the centerline of the Angle of the bits of Angle, round billet for milling cutter for the center, according to the big end mill modulus to the tooth depth h = 2.2 m, measured.Measure the large end tooth thickness, mill out all the tooth groove;Then milling both sides of the large end margin, the table has a horizontal displacement, the calculation formula is=mB/2L (m-- module, B-- tooth surface width, L-- pitch cone radius), rotate the dividing head, so that the edge of one side of the milling cutter just grazes the small end

On the side of the tooth groove, measure the big end tooth thickness after milling. At this time, the big end tooth thickness is the margin of the actual tooth thickness +1/2. (Note: the table is moved

The moving direction is opposite to the rotation direction of the indexing head.), use the same method to mill the margin on the other side until the complete tooth groove is milling