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Bevel Gear

Jun 12, 2020

           Bevel gears are used for transmission between intersecting shafts.Single stage transmission ratio can be up to 6, maximum to 8, transmission efficiency is generally 0.94 ~ 0.98.1) Straight and helical bevel gears are simple to design, manufacture and install, but have a large noise. They are used for low speed transmission (& LT;5 m/s);Straight bevel gear transmission power up to 370 kw, circular speed of 5 m/s.Helical bevel gear has stable operation and high bearing capacity, but it is difficult to manufacture and seldom used.2) Bevel gear with curved teeth has the characteristics of stable transmission, small noise and large bearing capacity, etc., and is used for high-speed and heavy load occasions.Curved tooth bevel gear transmission runs smoothly, transmission power to 3700 kw, circumferential speed to 40 m/s above.Divided into spur bevel gear, and spiral bevel gear

What is the "pressure Angle"?

★ The acute Angle sandwiched between the radial line of the point of intersection of the tooth shape and the tooth shape tangent of the point is called the dividing circle pressure Angle.

Simply put, it refers to the Angle of inclination of the tooth.The gear transmits power in the direction of this Angle.

Generally, the pressure Angle refers to the pressure Angle on the dividing circle. 

The most commonly used pressure Angle is 20°, but gears with pressure angles of 14.5°, 15°, 17.5° and 22.5° are also available. 

What is "dividing circle diameter"?

★ Dividing circle diameter is the reference diameter of gear.

The two main factors that determine the size of gears are modulus and tooth number,

The diameter of the indexing circle is equal to the product of the number of teeth and the modulus (end face). 

In the past, the dividing circle diameter was referred to as the reference pitch diameter.More recently, according to THE ISO standard, the uniform known as dividing circle diameter.

What is "modulus"

The module represents the size of the tooth. 

Modulus is the ratio of dividing crests to PI () in millimeters (mm). 

We have to have modules, like CP(Circular pitch) and DP(Diametral pitch).