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Belt Pulley With Simple Operation, Easy To Use

Jul 05, 2017

A Belt Pulley as a small category of transmission parts, usually used in industrial machinery, the Belt Pulley is in the process of high-speed mechanical contact, there may be wear, shock, corrosion, coking and other non-calm failure, not just for safety, more important The only use of the balance of the Belt Pulley life can be more long.

You have no statistics on a data, that is, customers in the procurement Belt Pulley, will ask: your Belt Pulley products have not done a dynamic balance test? Thus, how important is the dynamic balance test of the Belt Pulley? A Belt Pulley that has undergone a dynamic balance test is capable of not only moving the balance without sliding, but also extending the service life of the machine under high-speed running machinery.

Belt Pulleys are mainly used for long-distance transmission of power occasions, such as small diesel engine power output, agricultural vehicles, tractors, cars, mining machinery, mechanical processing equipment, textile machinery, packaging machinery, lathes, forging beds, some small horsepower motorcycle power Transmission, agricultural machinery power transmission, air compressor, reducer, reducer, generators, ginning machine and so on.

So the above put all kinds of machines, Belt Pulley and the need for dynamic balance? What is the advantage of doing a dynamic balance?

Shanghai Jianping production of automatic balancing machine vertical drilling automatic balancing machine, using the latest technology, the workpiece from the balance measurement, angle positioning, drilling to heavy and re-test, all the implementation of automation; with simple operation, easy to use, High precision, suitable for small and medium-volume production.

Belt Pulley drive can ease the load impact; Belt Pulley drive smooth operation, low noise, low vibration; Belt Pulley drive structure is simple, easy to adjust; Belt Pulley drive for the Belt Pulley manufacturing and installation accuracy is not as strict as the transmission; belt drive with overload protection function; The two-axis center distance of the Belt Pulley drive is larger.

There are several belts in the front of the engine, each belt is playing an important role. In the engine, through the belt drive a variety of auxiliary machine operation, such as air conditioner compressor, power steering pump, alternator and so on. If the belt is broken, or there is a slip, will cause the auxiliary auxiliary function loss, or make its performance down, thus affecting the normal use of the car. Therefore, the daily inspection of the belt is very important.

First check the tension of the belt, then you can use the thumb, strong press the middle of the belt Belt Pulley. Press the pressure of about 10kg or so, if the belt pressure in the 10mm or so, that the belt tension to play appropriate. If the pressure is too large, the tension of the belt is considered insufficient. If the belt is hardly pressed down, the tension of the belt is considered too large. When the tension is insufficient, the belt is prone to slip. Tension is too large, it is easy to damage a variety of auxiliary bearings. For this reason, the relevant adjustment nut or bolt should be loosened and the tension of the belt should be adjusted to the best condition.

In addition, we must pay attention to the wear of the belt. The old belt wears serious, so that the contact area of the belt and the Belt Pulley drops sharply. At this time as long as the pressure of a pressure belt, the belt deep sink to the Belt Pulley groove. Belt rubber also has an aging problem, if the belt rubber serious aging, must be replaced in time for the new belt.