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Belt Pulley Daily Check Is Very Important

Jun 14, 2017

In the car engine between 60,000 to 90,000 km, we should check the Belt Pulley wear situation, but also pay attention to check the work of the engine Belt Pulley media. If there is an abnormality should be replaced, even if the Belt Pulley wear is not serious, replace the engine Belt Pulley.

There are several Belt Pulleys in the front of the engine, each Belt Pulley is playing an important role. In the engine, through the Belt Pulley drive a variety of auxiliary machine operation, such as air conditioner compressor, power steering pump, alternator and so on. If the Belt Pulley is broken, or there is a slip, will cause the auxiliary auxiliary function loss, or to reduce its performance, thus affecting the normal use of the car. Therefore, the daily inspection of the Belt Pulley is very important.

The Belt Pulley inspection mainly includes two aspects: Belt Pulley tension and Belt Pulley wear.

First check the tension of the Belt Pulley, then you can use the thumb, strong press the middle of the Belt Pulley pulley. Press the pressure of about 10kg or so, if the Belt Pulley pressure in the 10mm or so, that the Belt Pulley tension to play appropriate. If the reduction is too large, the tension of the Belt Pulley is considered insufficient. If the Belt Pulley is hardly pressed down, the tension of the Belt Pulley is considered to be too large. When the tension is insufficient, the Belt Pulley is prone to slip. Tension is too large, it is easy to damage a variety of auxiliary bearings. For this reason, the relevant adjustment nut or bolt should be loosened and the tension of the Belt Pulley should be adjusted to the best condition.

In addition, we must pay attention to the wear of the Belt Pulley. The old Belt Pulley wears serious, so that the contact area of the Belt Pulley and pulley drops sharply. At this time as long as the force of a pressure Belt Pulley, the Belt Pulley deep sink to the pulley groove. Belt Pulley rubber also has an aging problem, if the Belt Pulley rubber serious aging, must be replaced in time for the new Belt Pulley.

Installation / disassembly requires only one inch hex wrench, no other special tools, convenient and quick (just about 1 minute to complete).

1, the separation of the pulley and the taper sleeve makes the change of the shaft hole only need to change the cone hole diameter, increase the versatility of the product, greatly reduce the product inventory type and cost.

2, the reliability of its transmission, in the world millions of use to be proven.

3, allow a wide shaft diameter tolerance: + 0.05mm ∽-0.125mm (0,002 "to-0.005").

4, light / moderate light load allows keyless drive.

5, in strict accordance with international standards DIN2211 production, all products by the balance test and surface rust treatment.

6, to avoid the knock caused by the motor bearing damage and damage to equipment parts.

7, the phosphating black anti-rust treatment: the surface smooth, beautiful, dust rust.

8, specializing in the production, that is, the purchase can be completely replace the ordinary straight hole pulley.