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Ball Screw Lubrication Precautions - Guide Rail

Mar 23, 2020

Ball screw lubrication precautions:

1. Lubricants containing solid lubricant particles (such as graphite and MoS2) are not allowed!

2. The use of non-specified lubricants may result in shorter lubrication intervals, less accessible trips for short travel applications, and reduced load carrying capacity.Possible chemical interactions between plastic materials and lubricants should also be considered.

3. If the environment of your application is very demanding (such as clean room, vacuum, food industry, exposure to liquid or corrosive media, extreme temperature, etc.), consult with the grease supplier.

4. When used in the following industries, such as: food, clean room, vacuum, etc., or when extreme temperature or medium supply, the standard, factory initial lubrication and necessary corrosion protection are not suitable for the compatibility with supplementary lubrication lubricants.

5. Under normal working conditions, due to the aging of the grease, it is recommended to conduct a supplement of lubrication at most every 2 years, and it is generally recommended to replenish the grease at least once a year. 


In general, not a one-time injection of lubricant, but in multiple parts of the injection.

In ball screw, linear guide rail short travel (travel ≤ nut length L), it is recommended to more frequent lubrication travel.In this case there may be a risk of outflow of low viscosity lubricants.