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Ball Screw Load Direction Judgment

Mar 13, 2020

Ball screw mechanism at runtime ball nut can't bear radial load and torque load, can only carry along the screw axial direction of the load, and pay attention to the effect of the axial load on the ball screw pair through screw axis, the design of radial load, torque load can not be directly applied to the nut, otherwise it will greatly shorten the service life of ball screw mechanism or lead to poor operation, because the radial load and torque load can make the screw bent, nut in the part of the ball bearing overload, which led to the decrease of the transmission is not smooth, accuracy and sharply shorten service life.The radial load of the screw is mainly the dead weight of the screw.

The silver ball screw mechanism is usually used in conjunction with the guide parts (such as linear guide rail, linear bearing).Ball screw mechanism only through ball nuts to provide the load table along the direction of the direction of the linear motion required by the axial force, and as a load of the work table and its bearing all kinds of radial load, torque load by the highly rigid guide components to bear.