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Ball Screw Innovation Drives The Rapid Development Of Manufacturing Industry

Dec 12, 2019

Recently held in the equipment manufacturing industry development on the BBS, ball screw, henan of relevant experts and the industry "to build the core technology innovation system, enhance the level of the equipment manufacturing industry" this one theme Suggestions also has reference significance to zhengzhou: establish a enterprise technical requirements for the dominant market selection projects of science and technology management system, make the enterprise become the main body of technological innovation;To establish equipment manufacturing development funds for subsidies for key enterprises, key products and key projects, as well as subsidies and incentives for technological innovation, research and development of enterprises;Encourage financial institutions to innovate financial products and increase credit input to equipment manufacturing enterprises;Encourage financing guarantee institutions at all levels to provide loan guarantee services for equipment manufacturing enterprises, and guide entrepreneurial (risk) investment institutions to invest in the equipment manufacturing industry;Preferential policies for the introduction of high-end scientific and technological talents have been introduced to accelerate the training of technical and skilled personnel.

Deficiency is the direction of future efforts.On the road of independent innovation, zhengzhou equipment manufacturing industry ball screw has a long way to go.

At the same time, Banks tightened credit for real estate and industries with excess capacity in 2014, while targeted RRR cuts implemented in the second quarter had limited impact on these industries, leading to a general shortage of capital in the ball screw industry chain.In the second half of 2014, Banks will continue to control loans to industries with high pollution, high energy consumption and serious overcapacity, and the capital shortage in ball screw industry will continue.