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Ball Screw Axial Bearing Selection

Mar 19, 2020

Axial direction refers to the direction of the axis along the axis, and radial direction perpendicular to it is the direction of the radius along the axis.Therefore, the axial load of the bearing refers to the load generated in the axial direction of the bearing.Generally speaking, it is the force that will push the bearing inner ring out of the outer ring.

The end bearing can bear large axial force.Bearing types in accordance with the ability to bear axial load from small to large order is: cylindrical roller bearing < ball bearing < tapered roller bearing < end bearing.

Ball screw support bearing selection: because the screw mainly bear axial force, most of the use of thrust bearing support.Under the same size condition, the axial stiffness of thrust ball bearing is more than twice as large as that of radial thrust ball bearing and tapered roller bearing.The stiffness of thrust roller bearing is about twice that of thrust ball bearing.When the axial load is small, but not thrust ball bearings with the centripetal thrust ball bearings, so that the number of bearings can be reduced.