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Automotive Gearbox Common Fault

May 10, 2017

Automotive gearbox 10 common faults and solutions!

Automotive Gearbox The car's gearbox and the engine are the same as the car's large pieces, the cost can account for 15-30% of the price of the whole car. General gearbox does not appear any fault, but a failure is big trouble. Today we have selected the common fault and handling of the car gearbox to share with the riders.

Oil spill

One Automotive Gearbox of the reasons is that the seal is aging and the seal is bad. Another reason is that the manufacturing process is poor and the shell has trachoma.

2. Automotive Gearbox Entry engine flameout, no response, impact

Test entry standard is to start the engine, idle, slam the brakes, into the file, the normal situation is 1-1.2 seconds time into the file feel, release the brake pedal, do not step on the accelerator pedal in the case of vehicles Slowly start and gradually extracted to 10-20 km / h speed, which is a normal entry standard, if more than 2 seconds after the entry that is positioning delay, this situation requires immediate repair; if the entry The file has a strong impact that is positioning the impact of the file, the need to note that any of the automatic transmission file into a certain degree of impact feeling, if the slightest feeling did not, but that the internal failure, but the impact of the larger Is not acceptable, the problem caused by this complex is in addition to the gearbox in addition to many aspects; into the file dead fire situation is the engine when the engine will die, this problem in the cold when the more obvious, triggering this problem The problem with the gearbox also has other body system problems.

3. Automotive Gearbox hang D or R, the engine flameout This failure may be caused by locking the solenoid valve damage or locking the control valve

Hang D or R file, and then release the brakes, the vehicle does not move. Or cold car after the start of the car can travel a short distance, but the hot car can not drive the state. This is due to damage to the input shaft or reverse clutch, or damage to the D / R brake. It may be automatic gearbox oil spill serious, serious lack of oil; shift lever and manual valve rocker between the connecting rod or cable loose, manual valve to keep in the neutral or parking position;

4. Automotive Gearbox into the oil filter plug; main oil serious leakage; pump damage

Driving through the process of vehicle shift shock, hair red, but also a common automatic gearbox failure phenomenon, which may be due to transmission oil is too dirty, resulting in valve block caused by stagnation.

5. Automotive Gearbox gearbox slip, speed up the weakness; gearbox water

Car in the process of driving, the fuel door speed process has the engine idling sound, the car did not improve the speed, feeling the whole car weakness, this phenomenon is mostly due to the clutch plate caused by burning. The gearbox is caused by external conditions due to external conditions, which may cause the gearbox to work abnormally. This may be due to the tanker's oil, or water entering from the transmission pocket.

6. Automotive Gearbox abnormal sound

① is the bearing abnormal sound, the general bearing abnormal sound with the speed close, the higher the speed the more screams.

② is the differential or the main drive gear abnormal sound, this abnormal sound generally appear in the speed of 50-70 km more obvious, because the gears of the meshing surface is different, generally in the fuel when the sound is obvious, loose throttle sound significantly reduced.

③ is the oil pump and other hydraulic system abnormal sound, this sound is closely related with the speed but with the speed does not matter, when the high speed because the oil pump blocked oil caused by screaming. It should be noted that the transmission system with the engine, chassis and other pieces with the work together, a lot of sound mixed together, identification is not easy. "

7. Automotive Gearbox The box smells

Gearbox is to work by hydraulic oil, when the oil temperature is too high, will produce some burning, these smell will come out, which means that some of the actuator parts of the gearbox work is not normal.

8. Automotive Gearbox Automatic shift time is too long or too short

General automatic gearbox is a specific shift speed and speed, if you find the shift time suddenly too long or too short, which means that the gearbox transmission ratio is not proportional, and will feel the engine speed is too high, the situation What is worse is the gearbox does not shift, which shows the gearbox is a problem.

9. Automotive Gearbox High speed in the running engine

This problem includes a smooth running speed and speed during the speed of two cases: the smooth process of high speed, relatively easy to test, for example, an engine displacement of 2.0 vehicles usually 2600 rpm can reach 100 km speed, if a paragraph Time often need 3000 rpm or more can reach 100 km, then this failure, the general failure of this gear is due to failure of the gearbox or variable lock internal lock caused by the clutch, you need to immediately repair the gearbox. Speed in the process of speed is too high, the fault test is a bit complicated, because in the speed of the process, the engine speed rise with the accelerator pedal are closely related, such as a normal Pasar in the small throttle of the general engine speed To 2500 rpm to accelerate the vehicle, but in the case of full throttle engine will be raised to 5500-6000 turn, such a huge contrast is due to the gearbox electronic control system to control the fuzzy logic, so this standard requires a certain degree of professional Level can be completed.

10. Automotive Gearbox Engine idling

Engine idling usually occurs in two cases, one is in the vehicle in the steady species suddenly appeared in the engine idling phenomenon, slow down in the slow return to normal, this situation generally shows that the gearbox in a short period of time suddenly dropped from high Low-grade, the problem may be in the control system or cooling system, the transmission itself is no problem. The second is in the process of acceleration or in the process of shifting the phenomenon of short-term slip idling, intuitive feeling that the latter is not so powerful the former, in fact, indeed the opposite, the latter most of the problems in the gearbox Clutch and other related links, the processing out of the gearbox to completely disassemble overhaul, time cost consumption than the former much more.